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Exec Express Ltd and/or any of our trading styles can not take any responsibility for third party suppliers product performance, or any services that are obtained via links from this web site. We will not accept any claims for any losses arising from the use of any form of links, including "click-through banners".

To minimise your Internet exposure -  we always recommend that prior to connection to the Internet you should save all work-in-progress;  frequently update and apply your anti-virus protection software; install and update a sufficiently secure firewall; and maintain regular full system and data back-ups.

Our Privacy Policy can only apply to this web site, please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the respective privacy policy for each link or web site that you may subsequently visit. Do not disclose or provide any personal data, especially credit card details, unless you are adequately satisfied that it is safe to do so. Do not store any passwords or personal data on any PC that can be connected to the Internet, unless secure protection measures are in operation on that PC and/or Network.

Ensure that you follow official supplier's instructions - do not proceed if you have any doubts - use supplier's technical support facilities at all times. Personal computers are individual machines with performance that can vary with hardware components, software, and operator ability. 

The links that we have selected are only provided for research and educational purposes, and must not be interpreted as any form of recommendation or endorsement by this web site - unless specifically stated. In the unlikely event that you should experience any difficulties with any products or services that you may subsequently receive from any other party, we can only suggest that you directly contact the supplier's technical support facilities.

We periodically check the links on our pages, however, the sources may become temporarily unavailable or severed for a period of time. This may be due to server difficulties, internet traffic congestion, or when the site is updated. If you experience any such problems please notify us using our the e-mail link below. We will then investigate with the intention of restoring the link, and if appropriate, subsequently repair at the earliest opportunity.

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